Parrot Sanctuary N' Botanical Gardens
Commodore Daniel Red
Naught all O' "Galleon Treasures" be O' emeralds N' pearls, nay, naught  silver N' gold!!!
N' over a cask O' rum,,,,, tales,,,, all by thee fire be told!!!
O' shipwrecked timbered swans, nay, no more billowin sail....
Thee air humid N' stale!!
Corpes strewn across thee sand,,,,
Kings ransom scattered, half buried, parrots now loose arrived to this foreign land,,,
Sun bleached bones O' timbered swans amidst thee burnin sand!!
Bright hues now flitter through thee lands trees,,,
Screams O' these exotic Treasures, a new home across thee emerald seas!!
Now 'ave thee centuries passed away.....
Thee beach erodes N' changes year by year day by day.....
But thee parrots doth linger through many a year.....
Aye,,, til found by this 'ere ole buccaneer!!!
Galleon Treasures,,, across thee sands O' time......
Now planted  'ere N' this foreign land a shift N' paradigm!!!!
To linger were we naught free?
Time thee greatest O' teacher,,, but age doth consume all even this ole buccaneer,,,,, tis me!!!
A choice,,, always has to be made.....
To rescue before thar memory doth fade!!!
Galleon Treasures,,,, they be one N' all.... feathered gold....
What tis thar tale that will one day be told??

The Commodore

Galleon Treasures (321) 794-0727
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Our mission is a simple one. Strive to teach people what went wrong with their choice of an exotic bird, and possibly what they can do differently to make it right.
Mission:  The Cape Fear Parrot Sanctuary (CFPS) rescues, rehabilitates, and cares for parrots who are unwanted, abused, neglected, or whose owners can no longer care for them. CFPS is committed to providing a permanent refuge and a lifelong, healthy habitat for these parrots.

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Why not consider a donation, it doesn't have to be a lot....if Galleon Treasures Sanctuary could get just $10.00 a month, that's less then going out to eat at a Mickey D's or the Kings place for a burger, fries and a shake! For the parrots it adds up! Yes these are not your typical pet parrots, but because of their special needs and circumstances, they now call Galleon Treasures Sanctuary their home.... it costs a lot to feed and maintain all the wonderful parrots, some who have pricey medications and food requirements.... just $10.00 a month will help save a life, an ever grateful parrot's life. We need friends like you, so please take time, think about making a difference and donate $10.00.  It takes only a few to make a difference in the happiness of all these special and wonderful animals. It's because of all of you who give regularly and the folks who drop a bucks in the donation boxes that  make it possible for all to enjoy the Parrots. So become a Parrot Patriot by volunteering or donating today.
Thank you for all you do and keep doing for our feathered friends.

Yours Truly
Commodore Daniel Red and all the Volunteers of Galleon Treasures.
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New 13 piece by Caitlin Wilson broadcast on 6/7/2018. 

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Kevin-John Jobczynski Announces Feed the Birds Campaign to aid Galleon Treasures